Breach is a hazardous object which is encountered in 'Eye' levels of the game.

Appearance Edit

Breach looks like an eye looking into a rift in the wall. The eye blinks and moves its pupil continiously. When player is in a room with the breach, the audible sound of blowing wind is heard. Breach occupies one room area and is seen in the middle of its (room's) back wall.

Behaviour Edit

Breach provides opportunity for Seeking Guests to get in the house. Floor with a breach on it will have at least one Seeking Guest. Other floors will have a chance to have a Guest on them too. If a Guest despawns (e.g. gets the player), breach will call another one in a short period of time. Hiding Guests do not need a breach to appear.

When a breach appears, screen zooms in on the room where the breach is about to spawn (the light is beeing broken no matter whether it's on or off) and lightning strikes. After approximately 10 seconds from this event, a breach appears. In the moment of breach spawn a door usually slams shut on the floor where Guest is going to be on.

Player can destroy the breach. To do this it's simply needed to fix the light in the room with it. When a breach is destroyed, time is decreased a little bit (like touching a Hiding Guest). After the breach is gone it will re-open somewhere in the house in a brief amount of time.

An 'Eye' level can have up to 3 breaches active at the same time. It is possible to pass this kind of level without any breaches opening at all; it happens if the Lodger manages to see a lot of Clocks which leads to a fast win.

Timers which are used for breaches' opening/reopening do not depend on the game time but on the real one.

Interaction Edit

If the Lodger interacts with a breach, he will be sent in the Hallway.

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